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National Conference "The Polish American Community in the 21st Century: Challenges and Opportunities"

On October 15 and 16, 2009, the Northeastern Illinois University in Chicago was a site of a Polonia National Conference "The Polish American Community in the 21st Century: Challenges and Opportunities". The conference was organized by the Polish American Congress.

Below, we are presenting pictures from the conference and the PAC National Director's Meeting. Please click on the miniature below and a sheet of small size pictures will open in a new window.

Below pictures is a report by one of the attendees.

Pozdrawiam ciepło i serdecznie wszystkich Polaków,
Edmund Lewandowski

October 15, 2009, Symposium - Day 1

October 16, 2009, Symposium - Day 2

October 17, 2009, PAC National Directors Meeting

A report by one of the attendees: (sent to as a private email)

I thought it was a very good Symposium. Not the attendance we had hoped for but I am certain it was a step in the right direction.
I think the members of the PAC were very happy and satisfied with the efforts of Frank Spula and his staff of organizers.

I said words to that effect at Saturday's meeting. It was obvious that a lot of work was put into this effort. I know several people who were extremely impressed with what they saw. One was a first time attendee from SoCal. She is an attorney who told me she appreciates the PAC more now that she attended and seen what was done.

One man (a university professor) severely criticized some of the reports given in the "getting new members" discussion groups I attended on Thursday.
At the end of the Symposium (Friday) he went to the microphone and told the audience his grandfather became disolussioned with the PAC and quit decades ago. He was was curious and came to see what was happening in today's PAC. He concluded with words similar to: "Based on what I saw these two days, I believe that if my grandfather were here today, he would renew his membership to the PAC."

Believe me ... This man was a real pain in the noga. When he walked to the microphone on Friday everyone was bracing themselves to hear the worst. HE WAS A SEVERE CRITIC !!!! Instead, he said he is going to join and work for the PAC. What a pleasant surprise.

I met three people from Chicago who came with a "critical eye" to see for themselves. They walked away impressed. endorses the above private opinion. BRAVO FOR POLISH AMERICAN CONGRESS !!!


Apel Do Polonii - luty 2014


Happy New Year!!!


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