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Polish Events Calendar

This is a list of events compiled by Polish community volunteer Edmund Lewandowski. Sometimes the information changes and we are not informed of the change. We are trying to give here the most accurate information we can. In case you find a discrepancy please call 1-650-302-3577 or send an e-mail message to

Archive calendar

JANUARY 9, 2004, Friday, San Jose

God, who is fully present in the Eucharist, wants to heal a person from his afflictions - both of his body and of his soul. All are invited.
St. Brother Albert Church, San Jose, 10250 Clayton Road
More information: 1-408-251-8490

JANUARY 17, 2004, Saturday, San Jose
6:30 p.m. Mass in Polish and Evening of Christmas Carols

St. Brother Albert Church, San Jose, 10250 Clayton Road
More information: 1-408-251-8490

JANUARY 18, 2004, Sunday, San Francisco
11 a.m. Holy Mass with The Lowiczanie Polish Men's Chorus

Directed by Agnieszka Hajdukiewicz
Our time-honored carols, although well-known within their own circle, are rarely heard outside the community environment.
240 Fell Street, San Francisco 1-415-252-5799

JANUARY 22, 2004, Thursday, Menlo Park
7 p.m. - Polish American Engineers Club meeting with presentation
New Gold of the Old Silk Road: Natural Gas - Can it and does it make the Central Asian Republics better off?

Speaker: Piotr Moncarz, Ph.D., Chairman USPTC, VP Exponent
PAEC meetings in the Little House are free of charge and open to members, friends and to all interested in the guest speaker's presentation
Little House of Peninsula Volunteers, 800 Middle Ave., Menlo Park
phone 650-326-2025

JANUARY 25, 2004, Sunday, San Francisco
5 p.m. - sharp (late arrivals cannot be seated)
Lowiczanie will premiere its new Zywiec Highlander piece featuring 24 dancers, the men's chorus and the Lowiczanie Kapela at the annual Auditions for the SF Ethnic Dance Festival

McKenna Theater, 1600 Holloway (off 19th Ave) at SF State University campus $5 gets you in and out privileges to see a huge and impressive range of Bay Area ethnic dance companies - a new group every 10 minutes from morning until evening. Come support your Polish community's traditional folk art representatives!

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