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Polish Events Calendar

This is a list of events compiled by Polish community volunteer Edmund Lewandowski. Sometimes the information changes and we are not informed of the change. We are trying to give here the most accurate information we can. In case you find a discrepancy please call 1-650-302-3577 or send an e-mail message to

Archive calendar

JANUARY 4, 2008, Friday, San Jose
God, who is fully present in the Eucharist, wants to heal a person from his afflictions -- both of his body and of his soul. All are invited.
St. Brother Albert Church, San Jose, 10250 Clayton Road
More information: or 1-408-251-8490

JANUARY 5, 2008, Saturday, San Jose
5:30 p.m. - Evening of Christmas Carols after the Holy Mass
WIECZÓR KOLED Serdecznie zapraszamy wszystkich na Wieczór Koled w sobote, 5 stycznia, w sali parafialnej, bezposrednio po Mszy sw. o 5:30 PM.
St. Brother Albert Church, San Jose, 10250 Clayton Road
More information: 1-408-251-8490 or

JANUARY 17, 2008, Thursday, Menlo Park
Polish American Engineers Club Meeting
Presentation by Dr. Maciej Kozlowski from Poland, visiting the SF Bay Area with a series of lectures titled "Jan Karski - Hero of the Three Nations".
Location: 800 Middle Avenue, Menlo Park, CA 94025

JANUARY 26, 2008, Saturday, Campbell
YACHT CLUB OF POLAND - SAN FRANCISCO: cordially invites to attend the Carnival Ball on 26th of January in Lake Campbell Event Center, 1344 Dell Ave., Campbell from 7 pm to 1 am. "The Pirate's Path" and "You Can Become a Sailor" are themes of the Ball. Tickets are $60.00 per person. The price includes a dinner, artistic program with sea songs and excellent dance music. Profit from the event will go to Yacht Club of Poland San Francisco entry into the Pacific Cup race from San Francisco to Hawaii. Apart from the great fun, participants are becoming a part of the ambitious effort to enter this transpacific race as a first Polish yacht in the race history. For tickets contact Danuta Paczyna 1-408-966-6035 or Michal Laster 1-925-427-7472

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Events from DEC 2003 to FEB 2011 are below, events from MAR 2011 until present are in the above Google Calendar.

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