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The following posting was sent on April 3, 2003
Subject: Lenten retreat, New Polish film "Edi" and more Polish news


Calendar of Polish events in Northern California
2003 LENTEN RETREAT in San Jose Polish Church
New Polish film "Edi" in Palo Alto, Pittsburg and Sacramento receives great international reviews
Special announcements about the "Splendor of Poland" events
Bay Area Polish scouts - internet movie and slide shows

2003 LENTEN RETREAT in San Jose Polish Church


April 3, 2003, Thursday
6:30 PM - Confessions
7:30 PM - Mass and Retreat Homily (in Polish)

April 4, Friday
6:30 PM - Confessions
7:30 PM - Stations of the Cross and Mass (in Polish)

April 5 - Saturday
5:30 PM - Confessions
6:30 PM - Mass and Retreat Homily (in Polish)

April 6 - Sunday
Confessions (half an hour before each Mass)
10:30 AM - Mass and Retreat Homily (in Polish)
12:30 PM - Mass and Retreat Homily (in Polish)

New Polish film "Edi" in Palo Alto, Pittsburg and Sacramento, receives great international reviews

"Edi" Winner of many awards on Polish and the International Film Festivals. Polish candidate to Oscars in Foreign Film Category A true classic! Must see it! NOW All TICKETS $9.50 SAMPLE REVIEW:

Palo Alto, April 13th, 5 pm.
780 Arastradero Road, Palo Alto
Info: 1-831-335-2005
Tickets Seakor Deli Campbell
Tel 1-408-378-0991

Sacramento, April 27th, 1:30pm
Crest Theater
Tel : 1-916-351-1432

Pittsburg, May 4th 2pm
Brenden Pittsburg 16
4085 Century Blvd., Pittsburg
Tel 1-925-825-7417


This satire of the Polish film industry offers a humorous look at the 'business' of movies. It centers around the complicated relationship between Yanek, a film critic who is complains regularly about poorly-made Polish films, a gangster who wants to help his girlfriend Donata realize her dream of becoming a movie star. Yanek soon realizes the difference between making movies and reviewing them.
Run time: 109 min.
Polish Release: 2/28/03
Language: Polish
Subtitle: English

Palo Alto, May 4th, 5pm
780 Arastradero Road, Palo Alto
tel. 1-831-335-2005
All TICKETS $9.50
tel. 1-831-685-3549

Special announcements about the "Splendor of Poland" events

The exhibit continues to be very popular with thousands of visitors every day. The museum experience is that the busiest days are at the end of every exhibit. Do not put off your visit. If you go in May you probably will have to stand in a long line. It is better to go now and have the joy of seeing the Polish collection with less crowds.
On Tuesdays the museum admission is free, you need to pay only the surcharge of $4 for this exhibit. More info at:
For special needs there are special Access Days, please see the information in the following link:

Polish American Cultural Events Committee organizes various events coinciding with the Splendor of Poland exhibit. We have a Polish Movie Marathon coming this Saturday and a Zbigniew Stanczyk Lecture this Sunday.

We need volunteers to help us with the setup, cleanup and sales (tickets, souvenirs, buffet). Volunteers need to arrive to the California Club at 1750 Clay Street (@ Van Ness) at:
- 11 a.m. on Saturday
- 1 p.m. on Sunday
Volunteers' attire - white dress shirt/blouse and black pants or skirt.
If you already helped us as a volunteered 3 times and received your free Splendor of Poland T-shirt, you can wear it instead of the white shirt/blouse. Wear a matching sweater or jacket over it if you are cold.

If you are interested in volunteering please send an email to or call in your availability at 1-415-867-7490.

Bay Area Polish scouts - internet movie and slide shows

Our Polish scouts recently celebrated their 30th anniversary. Also the same day, March 23, 2003, Polish American community celebrated 36th anniversary of Polish School named after The Pope John Paul II. The celebrations started with a Holy Mass at the Nativity Church in San Francisco. The special point of the celebration was a blessing of new flag for the school. Later the celebrations were continued in the parish hall and included ceremonies with the flag, folk dancing and other activities. The celebration ended with delicious dinner.

The pictures from the event can be viewed in two albums at:

There are interesting materials from previous scout events, i.e., movie from the visit in Sacramento:

The general page for all past events is at: (in Polish)

The pages with all pictures from past events are here:

The school web site is at:



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