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The following posting was sent on November 5, 2003


Calendar of Polish events in Northern California
Visa lottery DV 2005
Legal driving licenses for illegals
Poetry Contests

Visa lottery DV 2005

This year the lottery goes paperless. YES! all entries must be submitted via Internet, including pictures. offers help at no charge to prepare the digital pictures for submission.

Please visit for contact information.

Please refer to ALL details here:



Good luck!

Serdeczne pozdrowienia,
Edmund Lewandowski

Legal driving licenses for illegals

Illegal immigrants in California might be able to obtain driving license legally as soon as January 2, 2004. All depends how soon, if at all, the new Governor is going to repeal this law. Find out details here:

Poetry Contests

Contest "25th Anniversary of Pontificate of Holy Father". Deadline November 30, 2003.
Poets have to send in three poems on "Holy Father" and three other on any topic.

*Contest "Four Seasons". Deadline December 31, 2003.
*Contest "My Beloved Country". Deadline January 30, 2004.

How to enter a Poetry Contest?
- Submit exactly three original poems, unpublished, traditional or free verse (preferably as a computer printout) on the theme and three on any subject
- Each poem is to be printed on a separate page with your name on it
- Poems should be up to two pages long
- Submissions should be sent to: Polish American Poets Academy, PO Box 3214, Wallington, NJ 07057-3214, or via email: or via website

Members have no entry fee, non-members entry fee is $15 for three poems. Membership information can be found in Section Membership

About PAPA
Polish American Poets Academy (PAPA) was founded in June, 2003 by Barbara Aleksandrowicz. Our mission is to support Polish and Polish American poets at all stages of their careers and to foster the appreciation of poetry. The Academy sponsors Contests, a Poet of the Year Competition, Poetry Readings, Books Promotion and offers help in poetic craft improvement, critic services, translation from Polish into English and in finding publishers on Polish and American Poets Market. PAPA also offers a poetry revising and a poetry book preparation for publication.The Academy reaches its members through its website



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