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The following posting was sent on November 5, 2004


Calendar of Polish events in Northern California
San Francisco Polka Party?
Visa Waiver for Poles - important call for Polonia action
Visa Lottery announced
Good examples how we can advertise Poland

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San Francisco Polka Party? NOV. 6, 2004


I think it will be the closest party in San Francisco to THE POLKA PARTY. The organizers want to please younger crowd also with the DISCO segments. It would be interesting how the party evolves. If you are POLKA lover you definitely need to be there to show your support to the special guest "The Joe Smiel Band". They will play as many POLKAS as the public will demand. Same with DISCO music. And PLEASE have in mind the good cause: ALL PROCEEDS FROM THE PARTY GO TO THE POLISH PARISH GENERAL FUND.

Here is the invitation from organizers -- Polish Parish in San Francisco:
You are cordially invited to join Dance Party: "Good Bye Summer"
Saturday, November 6, 2004, 7:30 p.m., 240 Fell Street, San Francisco.
Dance tunes by Special Guest "Joe Smiel Band" featuring popular dance standards as well as POLKA tunes. During band recess DISCO music.
$25 cover includes cold buffet, dessert, cold and hot beverages. Cash bar open.
More info: Karol Piestrzynski (415) 491-5098, cell (415) 519-5756 or Kazimierz Balaj (415) 759-7626.

Please come and enjoy the evening with other fellow Polish Americans!

Visa Waiver for Poles - important call for Polonia action

This is an urgent alert to members of the Polish American Congress and all members of Polonia. Your support is needed regarding this important issue. Kindly review this e-mail, then e-mail it to family members and friends, and ask them to take action as soon as possible.

October 21, 2004

Dear Members of Polonia:

We would like to bring to your attention an issue of great concern to all of Polonia. We are alarmed to have learned from an update on U.S.

Senate Bill 2844, Calendar No. 715, that an unidentified Democratic Senator has issued a 3hold2 which means an objection to prevent the bill from being passed by a voice vote. Senate Bill 2844, introduced by Senator Rick Santorum and Senator Barbara Mikulski, would designate Poland as a visa waiver country. Upon passage, Polish citizens visiting the USA within a 90-day period would not have to apply for a visa and, thus, Polish citizens would be treated with the respect they deserve as age-old American allies.

The update confirmed that all Republican Senators cleared the bill with no objection. However, one Democratic Senator, unknown to the bill's sponsors, placed an objection on the bill, blocking passage by the Senate of this vital-for the Polish people-legislation.

The objection is of grave concern to Polonia. More than any other country, Poland deserves consideration for visa waiver legislation for its tireless and heroic efforts to end Communist oppression, building a viable democracy in Central Europe, and for its courageous support of America's war against world terrorism and the conflict in Iraq.

Polish Americans want to know which Senate Democrat stopped the legislative process of granting visa waivers to Poles by placing an objection on Bill 2844. You are urged to contact your Senators to let them know that Polish Americans want this bill placed back on the Senate calendar for immediate consideration.

You are urged to call your Senators1 office in Washington, DC, and their local state office. You are asked to call the offices of the Senate leadership in Washington, DC:

Call Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist - (202) 224-3135
You can also fax a letter to Senator Frist at (202) 228-1264
Call Senate Democratic Minority Leader Tom Daschle - (202) 224-5556
You can also fax a letter to Senator Daschle at (202) 224-6603
Call Senate Democratic Minority Whip Harry Reid (202) 224-2158
You can also fax a letter to Senator Reid at (202) 228-2577
You can email the Senators through and then clicking the Senator1s name and e-mailing your message.

Let Senators know you want action on U.S. Senate Bill 2844, Calendar No. 715, which would designate Poland as a visa waiver country, AND ask which Senator placed an objection on Senate Bill 2844.


Edward J. Moskal /President/
Les Kuczynski /National Executive Director/
Cas Lenard /Executive Director Washington, DC/

Visa Lottery announced

More in English:

More in Polish:

Good examples how we can advertise Poland

I discovered in San Francisco a few fine examples how a country can be advertised to the American public. The example shown on the following pictures takes subject of freedom of expression:

The other posters I saw had to do with health care in the same country. The advertisement proclaimed that low wage worker has the same coverage as an executive. If anyone sees this poster around San Francisco, please let me know. I would like to take pictures. This is a fine lesson what we should be doing with our time, energy and money in order to advance Poland in the eyes of public opinion of the United States.



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