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The following posting was sent on August 23, 2005


Calendar of Polish events in Northern California
Things to Do During Polish American Heritage Month
Used children books for Polish children learning English
School Of Polish Language in Walnut Creek
Polish manager looking for Polish worker
Solidarity activists of 1980's please share your experiences
Media watch Aug. 21 - by Tadeusz Mirecki

We will be happy to announce any event connected in any way to Polish community. Please make sure the organizers will inform us about event directly at . Some events are not listed due to personal preferences of the organizers. We are open to list any event. In order to avoid mistakes the information must be submitted directly by the organizers.

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If you are interested in Andrzej Rosiewicz concert, the most famous Polish showman, comedian, tap dancer and first of all THE Polish singer, ALL IN POLISH .... please read the following:

Manager Andrzeja Rosiewicza chcialby zorganizowac koncert tego artysty w bardzo ladnej sali widowiskowej we Fremont, blisko autostrady 680 w piatek wieczorem 9 wrzesnia 2005, o 20tej. Lokalizacja jest wygodna dla osob z San Jose oraz z rejonu Walnut Creek. Dla osob z San Francisco jest mozliwosc zorganizowania dojazdu od stacji BART we Fremont. Cena biletu $20 od osoby.

Czy ten koncert dojdzie do skutku zalezy od Polonii. Osoby ktore ewentualnie bylyby zainteresowane tym wystepem estradowym proszone sa o wyslanie email na adres: . Prosimy o podanie liczby osob w danej grupie.

Organizator prosi o email jak najszybciej, koniecznie przed 25 sierpnia 2005.

Manager Andrzeja Rosiewicza

Things to Do During Polish American Heritage Month

October is the Polish American Heritage Month. You can do what I did in one of the elementary schools in Mountain View, CA. I setup a room decorated with Polish flag and few Polish items. The school supplied a big wall map of Poland. Every hour a different class visited the Polish classroom. I talked about Polish history, geography and Polish famous people for about 25 minutes. The rest of the class time was dedicated to answering questions from students. Please do it. It is fun.

Listed below are suggested activities for your October celebration:

Used children books for Polish children learning English

If you have children books you do not need anymore, please bring them to a donation stations setup in many places in the San Francisco Bay Area. The locations will be given in the next Newsletter. The books will be used in Poland to help in teaching English in the Lublin area.

If your business is interested in helping to collect the donations please write email to You will be asked to place a box in an area accessible to the public, where people could come and place the books inside.

If you wish you can receive a receipt for your donated books. Donations are tax deductible to the fair marked value of the donated books. You as the donator determine the value of the books, the receipt is just for the number of books donated.

School Of Polish Language in Walnut Creek

An invitation to all children to learn Polish language and Polish folk dances. We prepare also children for their first communion and confirmation. This year will offer music, art and photography classes. Classes will begin on September 10, 2005, at 9 a.m. at the school of the Walnut Creek united Methodist church 1543 Sunnyvale avenue in Walnut Creek.
For more information please contact the principal Danusia Pokalski 1-925-825-9609

School is looking for new teachers:
Szkola Jezyka Polskiego im Jana Pawla II w Walnut Creek poszukuje 3 nauczycieli do pracy spolecznej od wrzesnia.
Osoby chetne proszone sa o zglaszanie sie do Danuty Pokalskiej 1-925-286-8498 lub

......... and in Union City:
Rodzice zainteresowani poslaniem swoich dzieci do Szkoly Polskiej w Union City moga zasiegnac informacji u p. Grazyny Koralewskiej 1-408-866-6864.

.......... also in San Jose:

Zajecia w Polskiej Szkole Sobotniej w San Jose rozpoczynaja sie w sobote, 17 wrzesnia o 9:00 AM. Tego dnia przyjmowane beda zapisy do Polskiej Szkoly i Harcerstwa. W ramach Polskiej Szkoly odbywaja sie równiez lekcje religii. Msza sw. na rozpoczecie roku szkolnego, katechetycznego i harcerskiego sprawowana bedzie w niedziele, 11 wrzesnia o 10:30 AM.

Polish manager looking for Polish worker

A rapidly growing food company is recruiting for an Accounting Assistant/Office Assistant Reporting to the Accounting Manager, you will have responsibility for the following:

Primary Responsibilities:

Input daily production
Input and maintain the receiving log
Prepare daily cash deposits
Prepare and reconcile monthly inventory
Schedule weekly production
Perform various accounts payable

Minimum year A/P or general bookkeeping experience
Good working knowledge of Microsoft Office, specifically Excel and Word
Knowledge of ACCPAC and MISys an asset

This represents an outstanding opportunity for an ambitious candidate with the requisite skills and experience to develop their career with our company. This person must be able to work independently, multitask, and meet deadlines under strict time constraints. This is a high growth and fast paced environment. The successful candidate must be adaptable, self-motivated and have a strong work ethic. Polish language is a plus. To apply, please send your resume to

Solidarity activists of 1980's please share your experiences

If you were forced to leave Poland because of Martial Law, you are the person I am looking for!
I am working on a book about Poles who were arrested and brought to the internment camps or/and imprisoned due to the Martial Law in 1981 and then were given offer to leave Poland, so they currently live in the foreign countries.
If you share such an experience contact me, please.

Bogumila Dabrowiecka

Media watch Aug. 21 - by Tadeusz Mirecki

Assaults in Poland, Russia reignite old tensions
By Andrew Borowiec and David R. Sands

Poles Reverse German Land Grab
Fears that rich Germans would storm into Poland following EU enlargement and buy up properties appear unfounded. Houses are being bought, but it's the Poles who are finding deals -- in East Germany.,1564,1685324,00.html

Poland Rejects Berlin Expellee Center,1564,1681377,00.html

A Mountain of Trouble
Although he has consistently remained above the scandals ripping through Poland, President Aleksander Kwasniewski took his hits in a month that added new chapters to PZU and PKN Orlen.

Defense Reform in Europe - The Case of Poland
By Radek Sikorski

New Era Solidarity
By Marcin Mierzejewski

Deserving a Place in the World’s Memory
Calling up memories of the past in the name of politics - sometimes called historical politics - arouses well-justified concerns because politics does not support historical truth or care for the very notion of truth.

Poland's pensions threaten reform
Has Poland become complacent since it joined the European Union? Or has it just lost its way?
By Bronwen Maddox,,1-13090-1741471,00.html

Invisible to Most, Immigrant Women Line Up for Day Labor

[About Polish migrant workers in Wales]
Union campaign on migrant workers

Doors open to foreign workers
Resort areas like Wisconsin's Door County look abroad to find reliable seasonal staff
By Mary Umberger, Tribune staff reporter,1,1050553.story

[Book review]
reviewed by Steve Goode



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