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The following posting was sent on September 30, 2005


Calendar of Polish events in Northern California
Polish Presidential Elections, Voting Place in San Jose
PNA Commissioner asks people to clear their names
A Pole wins World Programming Competition again !!!
Fantastic job opportunity for Polish speaking person
Request for help
Surfing Polish internet pages

We will be happy to announce any event connected in any way to Polish community. Please make sure the organizers will inform us about event directly at . Some events are not listed due to personal preferences of the organizers. We are open to list any event. In order to avoid mistakes the information must be submitted directly by the organizers.

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Polish Presidential Elections, Voting Place in San Jose

The Elections will take place on Saturday, October 8, 2005 at the Polish Parish Hall in San Jose. To take part you have to be a Polish citizen holding valid Polish passport. More information in Polish is here:

PNA Commissioner asks people to clear their names


To clear ones name all the person needs to do is send a simple email to Institute of National Remembrance with request for a certificate. The email must include personal information as:
- first and last name
- date and place of birth
- names of parents including mother's maiden name
The email address to IPN is:
The certificate is issued accordingly, certifying that someone "was" or "was not" the secret communist police agent. It all takes 3 weeks. At the beginning of August 05, PNA Commissioner suggested that supposedly me, Slawomir Lewandowski is on the secret agent list of communist era Poland. Slawomir is my middle name. How the Commissioner from Southern California got an idea what is my middle name is still a mystery. Here is my reaction to those allegations:

======== BEGIN =======
Open letter to the Commissioner of the PNA
Ms. Elzbieta Rudzinska

San Francisco, August 30, 2005

Dear Madam,

Via this open letter, I would like to express a special gratitude for your support for investigating past communist and secret intelligence agency (SB) activities among members of the Polish community, particularly those whose names are included on the list of the Institute of National Remembrance (IPN), also known as the Wildstein List.

It was a very good thing that your thorough analysis of this list made you question me. I myself would never think of petitioning the IPN to obtain the necessary statement simply because the name of Slawomir Lewandowski appears on the list. Soon after I learned of your investigation, I petitioned the IPN for proper certification. The procedure turned out to be unbelievably simple and very fast. Apparently, it does not even require the consulate's involvement. Everything takes less than three weeks. I already received the certification that I have nothing to do with the Slawomir Lewandowski listed among the individuals who allegedly worked for the communist-era Polish intelligence service. I hope that we will meet at the upcoming Polonia Convention in Arizona and I will have an opportunity to present this certification that is so important to you.

I hope that you will now begin questioning some other people from the list, particularly the most active Polish community leaders. May I direct your attention to some people with brilliant careers in recent years with the Polish community, including Waldemar Glodek, President of the Polish Club in San Francisco; like yourself, Commissioner of the Polish National Alliance, and, more importantly, National Director and Vice President of the Northern Division of the Polish American Congress; and Antoni Zukowski, President of the Polish American Congress of Northern California. It is wonderful that we have such fantastic activists, but we should examine their reputations just the way you examined mine. The Polish community should know whether any Polish leaders, especially those in the Polish American Congress, the organization that was fighting communism for almost fifty years of the Communist Poland, collaborated with the SB or with the Communist Party in general. Only with this knowledge can the Polish community intelligently select its own leaders. It is noble that you, a very well-known Polish activist and accomplished teacher, initiated this very important undertaking.

I am looking forward to our meeting at the Polonia Convention in Scottsdale, AZ. With warm greetings,
Edmund Slawomir Lewandowski

======== END ========

In February of 2005, a group of Polish Americans made suggestion to Waldemar Glodek of San Francisco, and Antoni Zukowski of San Jose to start a procedure to clear their names. Exactly the same names appear in Warsaw, Poland as communist era secret agents on so called Wildstein list. Nothing happened since February. As you can see, I took matters seriously and when someone pointed similarity of my name with such list of agents, I have cleared my name immediately. After 3 weeks I had the certificate. All it takes is one email to IPN at:

A Pole wins World Programming Competition again !!!


Thanks to Clay we all can enjoy this important message:
Thank you Clay,

--------(original message)----------

Dear friends,
As with several worldwide programming contests over the last few years sponsored by the likes of U.S. Universities such as Baylor, IBM, and Microsoft, a Pole once again takes top honors. This one was sponsored by Google.
The exceptional cultural aptitude and quality of education for complex problem solving in Poland are no longer secrets. Intel, IBM, Samsung, Motorola, Nokia, Lucent and others are expanding their engineering centers in Poland at rapid rates. Most of the headcount may still go to India and China, but Poland draws the higher level, innovation -driven projects.
Congratulations to Mr. Marek Cygan.

Fantastic job opportunity for Polish speaking person

The San Jose based eBay had asked to advertise this fantastic job opportunity for a Polish native speaker. Job location is in their home offices in San Jose, California at Hamilton & Bascom.

Tell your friends about this great job opportunity, job description:

Request for help

-----Original Message-----
From: Polish News
Subject: Chiropractor...

Hopefully, one of you can help me...

A very dear friend of mine in the San Francisco area was in an auto accident and is in need of a great Chiropracter.

Someone who has expertise in this area is necessary.

Please contact me as soon as possible if you have a recommendation ...


-----End Original Message-----

czy znasz kogos kto moglby pomoc w tej kwestii? Pan Marty Cepielik jest bardzo zwiazany z Polonia, poznalam go na zjezdzie Nauczycieli Polonijnychw Buffalo, NY
Dziekuje Danusia

Surfing Polish internet pages

San Francisco Story w informacjach polonijnych (different pictures):

Something serious to read IN POLISH:!%20

Something lighter, thank you to a subscriber for nice comparison: One of the subscribers thought the last picture is me. Yes indeed, I have a nick name KOTEK:



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