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The following posting was sent on November 2, 2006


Calendar of Polish events in Northern California
Polish Tall Ship Dar Mlodziezy to visit U.S. West Coast
New versions of videos about Polish political changes
Visiting Polish scholar looking for accommodations
Polish restaurant looking for CHEF

We will be happy to announce any event connected in any way to Polish community. Please make sure the organizers will inform us about event directly at . Some events are not listed due to personal preferences of the organizers. We are open to list any event. In order to avoid mistakes the information must be submitted directly by the organizers.

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Polish Tall Ship Dar Mlodziezy to visit U.S. West Coast

Rector Jozef Lisowski of the Gdynia Maritime University will be the guest of honor at a dinner at the Ports 'O Call restaurant in San Pedro, California at 6:00 p.m. on Saturday, November 4th to announce the 2008 voyage plans of the University's sail training vessel Dar Mlodziezy. The voyage is planned to include calls at several U.S. West Coast ports, including Los Angeles, San Diego and San Francisco. The dinner is supported by the office of the Consul General of the Republic of Poland in Los Angeles, Krystyna Tokarska-Biernacik, the Polish American Congress and the Polish National Alliance. The $50 cost of the dinner and program will include a slide presentation of Polish tall ships by Polish American author and tall ships photographer Thad Koza. For information and reservations, contact the Los Angeles Maritime Institute at 1-310-833-6055 or e-mail to

New versions of videos about Polish political changes

The home page of has been updated with new versions of videos about Polish political changes in Poland and in Polonia. Please look for the icon depicting a movie camera and click links by the "NEW" signs and also right below. The link below the movie camera icon is important for new material such as interviews with key political figures which make introductions to the movie.

Visiting Polish scholar looking for accommodations

Visiting Polish scholar seeks to rent a room within reasonable commuting distance to Berkeley campus. BART from San Francisco is acceptable. The time is from mid January 2007 to mid May 2007. Contact at:

Polish restaurant looking for CHEF

The San Francisco Polish restaurant, Old Krakow, is looking for a Chef. Please call Krystyna at: 1-415-309-1585

Polska Restauracja w San Francisco, Old Krakow, poszukuje szefa kuchni, prosze dzwonic do Krystyny pod numer: 1-415-309-1585

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