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The following posting was sent on August 9, 2007


Calendar of Polish events
"Polish Americans" in San Francisco, Oakland and Berkeley
San Francisco SF Shorts with Polish movies - WIN TICKETS
"Polish President in California" video on DVD
Looking for a job
Looking for a job
Looking for a job

We will be happy to announce any event connected in any way to Polish community. Please make sure the organizers will inform us about event directly at . Some events are not listed due to personal preferences of the organizers. We are open to list any event. In order to avoid mistakes the information must be submitted directly by the organizers.

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"Polish Americans" in San Francisco, Oakland and Berkeley

Channel 22 on Comcast Cable in San Francisco, Oakland and Berkeley. Also counties of Solano, Sonoma, Napa and Marin. Dish Network with Local channels and DirecTV with Local channels also on channel 22.

AUGUST 12, 2007, Sunday, 4:30 p.m.
"Mazowsze" and "Polish Americans"
Coverage area, other questions:

Watch interviews with Zdzislaw Zakrzewski, President of the Polish American Congress in Northern California, Tomasz Kotlinski, the Principal of the Polish School in Walnut Creek, Ela Prochazka, Polish community coordinator in Sonoma county. Please watch those Polish TV programs and support the KRCB station as they are spreading the word about the Bay Area Polish American community.

San Francisco SF Shorts with Polish movies - WIN TICKETS

We were informed of the festival just few hours ago. We had a choice to skip it this year and do ample advertising the next year, or just announce it ASAP and count on few people benefiting this year also.
We obtained several passes to the Polish shows at the San Francisco festival of short films. You can get them by answering ASAP the following question [ only first three people are winners ]: What is the title of the festival movie directed by Wojciech Kasperski? Please send your answers ASAP, as the shows run this Thursday, Friday and Saturday, to

"Polish President in California" video on DVD

The DVD with recording of the President Kaczynski visit at the Reagan Library is available from the East Bay Polish American Association. Please contact Ryszard Mleczko at 1-925-759-5872.

Looking for a job

Looking for a job close Pleasant Hill in California I am looking for a job as a babysitter, care giver, housekeeper or any kind of job . I am a teacher , I teach children from kindergarten to the third grade. I am nice , responsible and cultural person. I could live with the person who needs my help. Contact:

Looking for a job

Dear Mr. Lewandowski,
My name is Kinga. I am looking for a job as a babysitter, an au pair, or taking care of the elderly. I can cook, do housekeeping, do gardening, and house painting. I have an international driver's license. While my main language is Polish I speak English quite well. I completed Middle School in Poland.
I would appreciate if you can advise me if you know of any jobs that I can interview for -- or if you can keep me in mind and advise me if something comes along.
I can be reached by telephone at 1-805-395-1420.
Thank you for your consideration.

Looking for a job

I'm looking for a job as a career for an elderly/handicapped person or as a babysitter/housekeeper. I have experience in caring as well as all household activities (I spend the last 6 months housekeeping). I am willing to move in with the person at whom I would be taking care/or with the family at the child to baby-sit.
I'm a very reliable, hardworking and honest person.
Please contact me to discuss the pay:

FREE web hosting for Polish American non profit organizations

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