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The following posting was sent on February 19, 2004


Calendar of Polish events in Northern California
OSTATKI - Polish for the last festive dance parties of the carnival season
The very Polish tradition - Tlusty Czwartek

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OSTATKI - Polish for the last festive dance parties of the carnival season

EURO PARTY Polish OSTATKI in San Francisco

The Polish style doughnuts are hand made by Alexandra Bartosik of San Francisco. She uses an old family recipe with some secret ingredients which makes the paczki very fluffy and tasty. It feels like being in Poland at the best bakeries. You can enjoy it too.
The Polish "pounchki" are big and retail usually from $2 to $3 each. Just come to the very Polish party - SF-Euro Party 2004!!!

The very Polish tradition - Tlusty Czwartek

Tlusty Czwartek means Fat Thursday. This is the Polish celebration in Poland. Whenever I talked to my friends in Chicago and Detroit they assured me that this very Polish tradition is continuously observed by Polonia in America. It was referred to me as Mardi Gras. I never realized before, that Mardi Gras is French for Fat Tuesday and Tlusty Czwartek is being observed by Polish Americans on the last Tuesday before Ash Wednesday.

To make sure that in fact in Polish American community the Fat Thursday was adopted to be Mardi Gras and became Fat Tuesday I searched the subject and sure enough I found many references to it with National Paczki Promotional Board in Michigan at 1-800-884-1500. The President Pat Lawrey (mother's maiden name: Honezinski) assured me that this year the celebration of Paczki Day is February 24, as usual just a day before Ash Wednesday.

Nice article about the feast appears on the Polish American Journal web site:

Other interesting reading on the same subject:

I did not find any references to "Sledzik" - another Polish tradition. I think this is due to the fact that "Sledzik" is being celebrated in Poland on Tuesday before the Ash Wednesday. It would be somewhat awkward to celebrate both at the same time. Sledzik means herring in Polish, and usually is marinated with vinegar.

Whichever taste you pick, Happy celebrations from !!!



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