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The following posting was sent on October 7, 2004


Calendar of Polish events in Northern California
Echoes of the President Walesa visit to Bay Area
Outrageous claims against Poles by Washington Post

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Echoes of the President Walesa visit to Bay Area

President Walesa was visiting US as fundraising efforts for the Goetz Academy in Poland -
While in Bay Area he met with Polonia representatives, included. Lech Walesa was delighted by the number of volunteers was able to organize to help facilitate event in Danville and personally expressed his thanks to Edmund Lewandowski, introduced to him as the manager of There was a visible absence of PAC representatives at all events in the Bay Area.

Please see the following pictures:
In order to work properly, the above links must end with =0 or =1 respectively. Note: PAP mistakenly called Edmund Lewandowski the President of PAC. He is past President of PAC Northern California Division. nor Edmund Lewandowski are NOT responsible for that error on Polish Press Agency web pages.

Lech Walesa touched on many interesting topics:,1413,82~1865~2429706,00.html,1413,86~10669~2429650,00.html

Outrageous claims against Poles by Washington Post

Poland's Role In the Death Camps
Wednesday, September 29, 2004; Page A26

While the ambassador of Poland is correct that German Nazis built the concentration camps in Poland, his Sept. 22 letter, "Germany's Camp, Not Poland's," nevertheless reflects a historical inaccuracy in suggesting that Poland bore no responsibility for what transpired on Polish territory.

A large percentage of people who worked in the death camps and assisted the Germans in their murderous plans were Poles -- without whose assistance the Germans would never have been able to kill as many people as they did in such a short time.

There are many things Poles can do to build a better country where the sad events of the past won't be repeated. Rewriting history is not one of them.


Comments to the above text by Ted Mirecki:

The ombudsman's decision to ignore the many protests of his readers, and the editor's decision to publish this letter, speaks volumes about the Wash Post's prejudices.

Here is my proposed path of action in response to the letter that appeared in the Post on Sept. 29

Write to the ombudsman, and to the executive editor, politely expressing disappointment that the editors chose to publish such blatant falsehoods. Tell them a charge such as this CANNOT remain unchallenged. Request that the Post publish a correction from an authoritative source. DO NOT present arguments against this writer; that will simply be your word against his, and the Post has a tradition of not publishing discussions among its readers. Demand a correction, but leave it to someone else to supply it. Other parties (the Embassy, PAC) will attempt to get such a correction to the paper. We need LOTS OF DEMANDS for correction, but a limited number of well-formed and authoritative corrections.

Here are the addresses:
Leonard Downie Jr., Executive Editor
The Washington Post
1150 15th Street, NW
Washington, D.C. 20071

Michael Getler, Ombudsman
or call 202-334-7582
or snail-mail to address as above.



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