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The following posting was sent on December 03, 2009


Calendar of Polish events
An idea for a nice Polish Christmas present
New Polish community web site in San Francisco
Grand Reopening of DELIKATESKI
FIRST National Conference of the Polish American Community Polish Scouts commemorated All Saints Day [in Polish]

We will be happy to announce any event connected in any way to Polish community. Please make sure the organizers will inform us about event directly at . Some events are not listed due to personal preferences of the organizers. We are open to list any event. In order to avoid mistakes the information must be submitted directly by the organizers.

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An idea for a nice Polish Christmas present

We recently discovered a Polish jewel on the San Francisco gift market - Polish Amber store. They offer original Polish jewerly at very reasonable prices.

You can view the offered items on their web site at

New Polish community web site in San Francisco

Thanks to our Pastor in San Francisco, the Nativity Church of Slavic communities has a new web site. You can get there any information regarding Polish, Slovenian and Chroatian parishes. It also allows you to download current parish bulletin.

The address is

Grand Reopening of DELIKATESKI

We are happy to announce that the Concord store DELIKATESKI is celebrating its GRAND REOPENING under new management. They have the widest selection of Polish food items in the Bay Area including many beers from Poland and special gift items.

If you visit them now they have a special discount until December 6, 2009:

FIRST National Conference of the Polish American Community

On October 15 and 16, 2009, the Polish American Congress was the host of the first National Conference of the Polish American Community in the 21 st Century –Challenges and Opportunities.

Guests from all over the United States, Poland, and Canada gathered in the Fine Arts Center of Northeastern Illinois University in Chicago for this momentous event. .......

Continued at:

More information from News of Polonia on many more subjects:

Polish Scouts commemorated All Saints Day [in Polish]

Autor: Ryszard Urbaniak

Pierwszego listopada 2009 roku podczas harcerskiej Mszy Swietej w kalifornijskim Martinez, na która wchodzilismy ze sztandarami hufców "Mazowsze" i "Kraków" oraz przywiezionym w jego peregrynacji po Ameryce przez przewodniczacego zarzadu okregu - Ryngrafem, modlilismy sie szczególnie za wszystkich zmarlych. .........

Kontynuacja artykulu:

Wiecej informacji o Polonii w San Francisco:

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